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HOW TO BE YOUR OWN DETECTIVE is a guide for real people on how to check on just about anyone. This book takes you through the basic public records governments keep, how to access them, and how to put them to use.

The book has chapters on the following skills:
• Know basic personal records on people.
• Use the Internet as an investigative tool.
• Look up a target’s criminal records.
• Look up a target’s lawsuit records.
• Do prenuptial investigations.
• Research divorces and restraining orders.
• Research car, driver and accident records.
• Check fire, EMT, and police records.
• Research real estate records.
• Do background checks.
• Check corporate records.
• Check those with professional licenses.
• Collect just debts.
• Check politicians’ holdings, donors, and decisions.
• Check how government officials use power.
• Check schools for failure to teach children and failure to stop sex offender teachers.
• Fight sex offenders and government people who protect them.

Sherlock teaches all these skills, and discusses cases to show you how he and others used these skills to protect the innocent and harm the guilty.

This is a “big book.” It is 8.5 x 11, almost 300 pages, and has more than 220,000 words of advice, instruction, and case work. This is double to triple the content of most “investigation” books. It also has a very thorough table of contents for finding topics, and an extensive index for finding specifics.

Homeland security begins when you and your loved ones are protected. Sherlock shows you how to use public records you have helped pay for to protect yourself and those you love.